About Cull Antiques

Our first small shop opened at a time when most small towns boasted a plethora of antiques stores. There was a ready supply of interesting stock and a wide choice for home and overseas buyers.

Almost 40 years on, this has changed markedly, with good antiques increasingly difficult to source and correspondingly few places to purchase them. The decline of local antiques shops has been matched by the rise in numbers of antiques fairs, but few of quality, and the marketing of auction houses aimed squarely at retail buyers. Both have distanced the traditional dealer, with his or her expertise and knowledgeable "eye" based on years of experience, from establishing a relationship with clients, building confidence and trust. But now the Internet offers buyers the opportunity to once again enter the dealer's shop, browse his stock and ask questions about it. Geography is no longer an obstacle, but integrity is key when the only contact is via the web. 

Cull Antiques does its utmost to describe items accurately and hopefully each piece exceeds expectations upon delivery to the clients home. We have always specialised in the furniture of the 18th and early 19th Centuries, emphasising good colour and original condition, and we offer here a few typical examples from our varied stock. Jonathan is also a partner with Caro Brewster in Domani Antiques, based in the West Country, offering an alternative range of period furniture and objects.